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MILLIONAIRES TRAINING FOUNDATIONHow To Become A Millionaire - Free Training & Tools

Our Mission

To empower business owners and employers by providing the tools and resources to help them achieve success and build flourishing societies. Our goal is to create 1,000 Millionaires by 2030.

Our Story

The Millionaires Training Foundation was founded by Cydney O'Sullivan to give businesses and entrepreneurs a platform to empower others by sharing their expertise and wealth. The initiatives of the organization include:

Providing books, training and funding to schools

Entrepreneurship - Educating micro-businesses internationally
Grants & Scholarships - Providing grants and scholarships for businesses in need (through application programs)
Domestic Violence Victim Support - Education and retraining support for victims of domestic violence
Youth Entrepreneurship - Equipping the future generation with business education

Youth Entrepreneurship

The Millionaires Training Foundation is an advocate of Youth Entrepreneurship and believes in inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Millionaires Training includes:

  • Goal Setting To Plan Your Millionaire Lifestyle
  • How to Write A Business Plan for your Million Dollar Business
  • How to Research and Understand Your Customer Base
  • How to Write A Book About Yourself and Your Business
  • How to Publish A Book so it becomes a Best Seller for your business
  • How to Promote Your Business using Podcasts, Media, TV Shows, and Online Marketing
  • How to Become a Celebrity Influencer and Authority in your Industry
  • How to create Training Programs, Masterminds and Membership Sites for automated income
  • How to design Awesome Sales Funnels to increase your sales and conversions
  • How to hire and manage Sales Teams to increase your profits
  • How to Automate your Marketing and Sales so you can focus on Business Development

Hundreds of Business Ideas and Strategies being used successfully by millionaire entrepreneurs.



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Mission Mentor, Author And Speaker

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April 20, 2021
Just Because You Are A Millionaire Does Not Mean You Don't Have Problems

I teach people how to be a millionaire and how to create a million dollar business. But honestly, what I'd really like to say first is that just because you're a millionaire

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April 19, 2021
How I Knew I Needed To Write Books

Growing up, I always loved books. I think it was because my parents were given a set of beautiful, hardbound classic books that I loved to read.

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April 17, 2021
I Needed To Know About Finance To Become a Millionaire

I think one of the most challenging things for me when I started building my own businesses was that I didn't actually know anything about finance.

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