April 6, 2021

Build Your Business Like You're On TV

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One way to think about moving your business online is as if it was a TV show.

What's been interesting being in business for gosh, 40 years like I have, and watching the world go from, well I started working in TV, for instance, and one of my very first jobs was working for a company that made TV commercials, and in fact, the guy that started that production house; he went on to have one of the biggest TV channels in China, so I was learning from one of the best as it turns out. And then watching at the time when I was a kid, what was really big was the Sonny and Cher Show and Donny and Marie. So people like the Osmonds and the Jackson 5 became huge international best-selling brands because of their exposure on TV. I mean, think about all the brands that were suddenly household names because they got onto the Ed Sullivan Show.

Well, all of that we've been growing up with, what's really interesting for us in our generation is that we are the generation that grew up with the beginning of TV. Many of the Millennials and X and Y Gen, or whatever, they actually don't even watch TV anymore. They've grown up with the internet. They have no idea of what it was like before the internet, but for many people of my generation, we remember when the internet first became available to us, and it changed our lives. And, of course, I can remember one of the companies I worked for, had some of the first portable computers, which were like the desktop towers that people have now, but it was something that you could take home with you, and I remember the engineers that I worked with saying, "There are companies that believe that everybody will have one of these on their desk at home, at least one computer per household."

And we were all like, "No way!" because none of us could imagine that the technology would advance as quickly as it has and that we could have the computing speed and power of one of those giant tower personal computers at that time now in the palm of our hand in an iPhone, a mobile phone, smartphone. And the technology has just moved so fast, but the opportunities for us as marketers and business owners are astounding. In fact, I'd say probably it's one of the things that overwhelms a lot of business people today is how accessible the internet and the technology has made the mass market to us. And I've worked with many international speakers and marketers who have done incredible things. Taking their message, honing it, and taking it out to the mass market using different platforms like YouTube and Facebook, and just email. I mean, think about it, there are people who've built multi, multi-million dollar businesses doing that.

To give you some examples. I have a friend in Australia who is making around $100 million a year right now. He just focuses on advertising to bring in people who are looking for business opportunities, and then he markets highly productive people who are very good at selling their products, he markets other people's investment programs to these people in the masses who are looking for business opportunities. So he will spend millions of dollars a month on advertising to bring in the leads, or people who are interested in attending online seminars, which is webinars or Zoom meetings, to learn from somebody to teach them about, for instance, stock market investing or real estate investing. And then he'll just keep marketing these investment programs with all different angles to these leads that he's generating.

That's one very focused area type of business where you just become masterful at a particular type of lead gen and then you offer other people's programs, which is not that unlike what they do on TV. All the TV networks, when you think about it, they're just interested in having audiences because they make most of their revenue from the ad campaigns that they run on their networks. So their main focus is on getting audiences, and what they're looking for is quality content to attract those audiences and keep them on their channel. Think about using the internet today as if you were a person who was trying to run your own TV show or run your own ad campaigns, or you were a TV network who's actually looking at building audiences, providing them with high value content that they really want to consume, and then maintaining that standard so that you can continuously grow your audience and then be attractive to the people that will help you generate revenue.

Cydney O'Sullivan, Founder of Millionaires Academy

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