February 3, 2021

How To Become A Millionaire - Millionaires Training Step 2 in the Millionaires Training Success System - Create A Master Plan

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How to Become A Millionaire. Millionaires Training program:

If you do a Google search, you’ll find that there are many experts teaching how to become a millionaire. It can be very confusing and hard knowing who to trust and where to start. Which is why I have gathered together some of the most trusted experts and self-made millionaire.  I’ve met them in my 30 years of entrepreneurship and made their advice available for free. That way there’s no risk for you, and we hope you’ll share our message and we’ll be able to help more people that way. 

I personally learned how to be a millionaire flipping businesses, fixing up and flipping real estate, stock marketing trading, publishing and consulting. I have also lost a lot of opportunities and money because of my inexperience, and I want to help you avoid that as much as possible. Let’s agree that just as there are many personality types, there are many ways to become a millionaire. 

How to be a millionaire
Create Your Millionaire Master Plan:

How to become a Millionaire, Millionaires Training step 2.1

For the Millionaires Training program, I have developed a system called 9 Steps to Millionaires Success.  The program is not just about making money, it’s actually designed to help each of our clients work towards achieving their dream life. After making and losing so many millions in my lifetime, I realized that it isn’t just about being rich, it’s much better if you are working towards building the foundations for a great life as well.  Because being a self-made millionaire isn’t as much fun when you don’t have your health, or you hate your business, or you don’t have a caring support system or family around you to enjoy it with. In this article I’m going to share Step 2 in my Millionaires Training which is Follow the Master Plan.

Master Plan to be a self-made millionaire: 

The first step was to get really clear on your own personal goals.  Once you’ve done that you can start planning out how you’re going to achieve your goals and create a master plan. Now, I have been consulting to entrepreneurs for over 20 years and I still can’t get over how few of them have a plan, and how little effort they put into planning out their life and business success.  But if you don’t have a plan then life and others will carry you along on their journey, and before you know it, you’ll say “how did I get here? This isn’t how I thought my life would turn out at all!”  

To give you an example a year ago I was quite happy helping entrepreneurs write books.  I was very good at it and I was getting hundreds of publishing clients every year.  But then we had a pandemic and because I ran a lot of live events, it forced me to change the way I was doing business, just like lots of businesses all around the world.  So, I decided to take a much-needed break and plan out my recession proof business.

Business model how to become a self-made millionaire:

It took me a few months of thinking and planning but I ended up coming up with a business model that would cost nothing to implement but would increase our revenues by ten times or more, we could build it once and then automate it, and continue to grow and scale.  It would allow me to work less and earn more and get back to doing what I really love doing which is building businesses.

The business model I came up with I called my “Russian doll methodology.”  It involved collaborating with hundreds of the most successful people I know and adding multiple income streams to our business and theirs.  Many believe that we are entering an era of alliance.  It’s not practical or advisable to be a business ‘island’ in today’s economy.  The more we strengthen the bonds with our customers and suppliers, the better off we’ll be.

How to become a Millionaire, Millionaires Training step 2.2

Steps to follow to become a millionaire: Millionaires Training Success System

  1. Start with your big goals and what you have to do now
  2. Identify the type of customers you’d really like to work with
  3. What problems does this group of customers have that you could solve?
  4. Which of those problems would they pay a premium to solve?
  5. Are there enough customers doing that to make it a viable and sustainable business?
  6. Think about how you could most effectively provide and deliver that solution
  7. How could you help them find out about your solution?
  8. How could you package that solution as premium and profitable as possible?
  9. How could you be a standout choice from competitors?
  10. How would you make your solution recession proof?
  11. What changes in the world or economy could be a problem for you and others in the future?
  12. How would you build in protections against that happening?

If you want to learn more about how to develop your Master Plan, please join our free training at https://MillonairesTraining.org.

Millionaires Training Foundation:

At Millionaires Training Foundation we are on a mission to empower 1,000 millionaires by sharing the success principles generously shared and applied by the hundreds of millionaires and successful entrepreneurs and business owners who have donated their interviews to help others achieve success and live happier, wealthier lives.

Please share the good news about our programs with your friends, because being a self-made millionaire is much more fun with a support network, on the journey together.

About the Author:

Cydney O'Sullivan, founder of Millionaires Training, is an 18-times best-selling author, and shares the insider secrets she’s learned from building million-dollar businesses for over 30 years. She has taught thousands of other experts how they can become more profitable as celebrity influencers.   Join in for inspiration, insights and breakthrough ideas for your wealth and brighter future.  

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