My Dad Loved TV Commercials. Can You Guess Why?

When I was growing up because my dad worked in film and television censoring he was really fascinated with everything that went on TV, it was a different upbringing from a lot of people in that my dad loved to watch the TV commercials.

He was really a connoisseur of a good commercial versus a bad commercial, and so he passed this on to me and I'm still fascinated with how TV commercials are structured, and what's their intention, and who are they marketing to, and which ones engage people emotionally, and growing up in a studio like I did, where I would go to school, and I was on stage at school in the school plays, and then working in the movie industry in dubbing, and working in a production house making TV commercials, and then later working in a radio station where we did talk-back radio, when the internet started to become really big and I started seeing people moving their messages directly from TV onto YouTube, and now Facebook, and LinkedIn and all of these amazing platforms, we got TikTok, we had so many of these places where you can actually start posting your own message directly to the public with video, and in fact video is one of the most exciting emerging markets now for an individual who wants to build an audience, the social platforms are responding really well and encouraging you to do so.

I can see that what's happened is all of this messaging to market and getting out in front of the masses, you used to have to get through gatekeepers, you used to have to actually be able to get a job as an actor, or get your own TV show or your own talk show to have that access to the masses. Now, we all have access to that, and it's how well do you do it? Anybody can do it these days. You can take a phone, make a video of yourself, go straight to Facebook Live, and then there's a whole bunch of techniques around making that video get seen by more people, but what are you going to put in those videos? Why do some people do so well with it and build huge audiences while others just annoy the people that see their videos and end up losing friends over it? That's the question I really like asking myself, and it's the question you should be asking if you're wanting to know how to market your business and build your brand.

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