February 3, 2021

How To Become A Millionaire - Millionaires Training Step 1 in the Millionaires Training Success System Clarify Your Goals to Live your Dream Life

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How To Become A Millionaire: Millionaires Training:

There are so many experts teaching how to become a millionaire, and we all have our opinions and our own personal experiences. I personally have done it with flipping businesses, flipping real estate, stock marketing trading, and business consulting.  I have also lost a lot of opportunity and money because of my inexperience, and I don’t want that for you - it’s heartbreaking. So, let’s get started.  Just as there are many personality types, there are many ways to become a multi-millionaire. 

How to become a millionaire

Clarify Your Goals to Live your Dream Life

I was always fascinated by marketing, multi-millionaire and having my own business, so at the age of 26 I bought a run-down deli for $15,000 including all the stock and equipment.  The failing chef I bought it from was desperate to get out of the business because he had already purchased a different business and wanted to be released from the rent and commitment of running the shop. 

My story of becoming a multi-millionaire: 

We were able to sell the equipment to a leasing company for $25,000 and lease it back which gave us the cash to buy and renovate the business and a tax-deductible expense.  The first thing I did was give the place a complete clean up and repaint and put a big sign in the window to tell all the locals and cars driving by that it was under new management. Before I even took over, I introduced myself to the other store owners and asked them for their suggestions on how I could improve the business.  Once in, I started asking the customers and they had plenty of ideas. 

How to become a Millionaire, Millionaires Training step 1

We didn’t have much parking, but the shop was on a very busy road, so I took advantage of our street frontage and all the traffic exposure and advertised our catering services.  Then I started marketing to the industrial area nearby that we would deliver and cater their parties.  Very quickly our catering business grew, and we were able to sell the business at a very nice profit and buy our first house which we also fixed up and sold at a profit.  We continued to reinvest the profits into businesses and real estate, learning valuable lessons every step of the way.  And when I started, I didn’t know anything about business or investing.  We didn’t have the internet, and I didn’t know you could hire consultants to help you leverage your investments and fast track your results.

“We continued to buy and sell run-down businesses and homes and within 10 years were multi-millionaires.”

How to become a millionaire: How this training program works.

In today’s economy there are a lot of opportunities to take over and transform businesses, and many of these opportunities can be funded with other people’s money or with sweat equity, which means don’t have to take on a lot of risk, and the rewards can be very high, and very quick to achieve.  So, for the purpose of this training series, I have decided to focus on how to start, grow and scale businesses, because it is a skill that you can use to help your own business succeed, and also apply to other businesses throughout the course of your lifetime.

For the Millionaires Training program, I have developed a system called 9 Steps to  Millionaires Success.  

1st step: Millionaires Training Success System:

The program is not just about making money, it’s actually designed to help each of our clients work towards achieving their dream life. Moreover, it tells how to become a multi-millionaire. After making and losing so many millions in my lifetime, I realized that it isn’t just about being rich, it’s much better if you are working towards building the foundations for a great life as well.  Because being a millionaire isn’t as much fun when you don’t have your health, or you hate your business, or you don’t have a caring support system or family around you to enjoy it with.  

So, the Millionaires Training program has been designed to help our clients first identify their own unique goals and ambitions.  I encourage you to take time to identify what you love doing, what you could do for a lifetime and enjoy it so much that it doesn’t seem like work at all.  Who do you want to be when you grow up?  Do you relate better to Oprah, Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffet?  

Foundations of Millionaires training: 

The foundation to your Millionaires Training is to really get to know yourself. So, here the things that will help you to learn to become a multi-millionaire. 

  • Where do you want to live?
  • Where do you want to be in a year’s time?
  • Who do you want to be in 5 years’ time?
  • Look around at businesses and think about what you would enjoy doing.
  • What experience do you have that could be turned into a business?
  • What problems would you enjoy solving and is there a market for that?
  • Who do you know who could mentor you?
  • If you want to sell it, what does it need to make it saleable?
  • Who do you know who could invest in you?
  • How can you support yourself while you’re funding your business?
  • If you already have a business do you want to grow it or sell it?
  • If you are serious about being a millionaire, you’ll find it a lot easier with a good plan.

If you’d like to learn more about goal setting and business planning, please join our free membership program Millionaire Success Secrets at https://MillionairesTraining.org. In my next article I will share step 2 in the Millionaire Success Roadmap, which is all about having a master plan.

Millionaires Training Foundation:

At Millionaires Training Foundation we are on a mission to empower 1,000 millionaires by sharing the success principles generously shared and applied by the hundreds of multi-millionaires and successful entrepreneurs and business owners who have donated their interviews to help others achieve success and live happier, wealthier lives.

Please share the good news about our programs with your friends, because being a multi-millionaire is much more fun with a support network, on the journey together.

About the Author:

Cydney O'Sullivan, founder of Millionaires Training, is an 18-times best-selling author, and shares the insider secrets she’s learned from building million-dollar businesses for over 30 years. She has taught thousands of other experts how they can become more profitable as celebrity influencers. Join in for inspiration, insights and breakthrough ideas for your wealth and brighter future.  

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